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Plumbing Upgrades to Go Green This Summer!

summer plumbing upgrades

As Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green.” This is particularly true in Southern California. We like to keep our cars clean, our lawns green, and our swimming pools full. All of this takes water — lots of it! Excessive water use is decidedly not green. Fortunately, there are ways to curb our consumption of nature’s most precious resource without sacrificing your comfort or lifestyle.

Upgrade Your Plumbing Features

Water-saving plumbing fixtures can dramatically reduce our water consumption.

Fixtures with the WaterSense label use 20 percent less water while performing just as well, or even better than, standard fixtures. WaterSense showerheads can save 2,700 gallons annually. Likewise, the WaterSense toilet saves 13,000 gallons.

Limit the Length of Showers

You can maximize your water conservation efforts further by taking showers rather than baths. Aerated faucets have no impact on the amount of water used to fill a bathtub, but they can save water when you take a short shower. To manage the length of time that you and your family members are in the shower, consider setting a timer.

Maximize Landscaping-Related Water Usage

You may be using more water than necessary to keep your grass and shrubs healthy. If you have a sprinkler system, schedule it to turn on in the middle of the night. Otherwise, water your yard very early in the morning or later at night before you go to bed. Even better, upgrade your irrigation controller to a WaterSense model to save your home nearly 8,800 gallons of water. That way your lawn can be green without requiring more water than it needs.

Adjust the Water Heater Setting

The temperature setting on your hot water heater should be adjusted every spring and fall to conserve energy. During the colder months, an ideal temperature setting is 120 degrees. You can save energy during the warmer months if you drop the thermostat down to 110 degrees.

These are some of the easier steps that you can take to conserve energy and water this summer. For assistance with any of your water-saving projects, contact Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts at 833-847-8672 to set up an appointment. 

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