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Pipe Installation Dos and Don’ts

If you need new pipes in your home, you might be wondering about the proper procedure of how to install them as well as the do’s and don’ts of installation. When you need new pipes in your home, it’s best to let the professionals come and do the work for you. 

Trying to install pipes by yourself when you have never done it before can be complicated and overwhelming. This guide will cover the basics of pipe installation as well as give you some solid reasons why it’s always best to call in the experts for pipe installation. 

Pipe Installation Dos

Before you begin plumbing or before any professionals begin plumbing at your home, they will always make sure the right safety measures are in place. They will also look at the plumbing structures of the home and ensure that they have a full plan in effect before they begin taking out the old pipes and putting the new ones in. 
Use all pipes from the same manufacturer. This ensures that all the pipes fit and are made from the same good-quality material 
Always follow the instructions. Every pipe and plumbing material manufacturer has instructions that come with the materials. All instructions need to be thoroughly followed before any work begins. The good news is that experts know these instructions by heart which makes it very easy for them to install new pipes. 
All pipes should be cleaned. You never want to install dirty pipes in the home. Before putting new pipes into the home, you’ll see the professionals from our company cleaning the pipes and removing all dirt that might be hiding inside. 
Use the right tools. If you are using plastic pipes, tools for plastic pipes should be used. If you are using copper pipes, tools for copper pipes should be used, etc. 
The above are the might important points when it comes to installing new pipes into the home. However, they are not the only ones. 

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You also need to ensure you are following the below points or that the professional company you use is following the tips for you:

  • Ensure that all fittings and pipes are kept in their original packages until right before they are ready to be used. 
  • Before making a joint, make sure that the pipe is cut as square as possible as this will ensure that the pipes are fitting well together. 
  • Make sure installation is done so that air does not become trapped inside the pipes and fittings.
  • All pipes and fittings need to be supported both vertically and horizontally. 
  • Hydraulic pressure testing needs to be done after installation to ensure that there are no faults or leaks inside the plumbing system. 
  • All hot water lines need expansion loops. 
  • All pipes that are exposed to sunlight need to be painted with water-based paint. 
  • If pressure testing is being done, make sure all the lines are filled slowly and no air is escaping from the system as you are testing it. 

Pipe Installation Don’ts 

When it comes to installing pipes, many things should never be done or it can ruin the entire system of the house. 

Most professionals know all the don’ts of pipe installation and they will be careful to ensure everything is done properly. 

pipe installation
Here are some of the main don’ts of pipe installation:
  • Never use metal hooks or nails to hold the pipes as this can put way too much pressure. All straps being used should not have rough or sharp edges.
  • When you need to bend the pipe and use a torch, never expose the pipe to an open flame. 
  • Do not use air or gases if you want to do pressure testing. 
  • If you are using CPVC pipes, do not thread them. 
  • On PVC and CPVC pipes and fittings, make sure you do not use petroleum or sealants that are solvent-based. You also should never use adhesive, fire-stop materials, or lubricants. 
  • Never walk on the pipes or drop large objects on them as this can cause damage to the pipes. 
  • For joining CPVC pipes and fitting, never use fusion compound or any other kinds of plastics for joining the pipes together. 

Pipe Installation Methods

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of pipe installation, you might be curious to know some of the most commonly used methods that professionals use when they are fitting the pipes inside your home. 

  • Heat Fusion Joining. This is when heat or electricity is used to join pipes together into one piece where the seams are not very noticeable. This method needs to be done by highly experienced professionals because it requires specialized equipment. 
  • Pressure fitting. This method uses pressure to attach two pipes together without needing to use heat or welding. They do not make seals as tight as joints that are welded. 
  • Compression fitting. These use special kinds of connectors that can fit tightly around two ends of the pipe. The connections are watertight and very easy to install without any special tools or equipment. 

These methods are the most commonly used ones for putting pipes together but there are others that the professionals might use when they come to your home depending on the situation and how your pipes are being installed.

Pipe Installation With Tip Top Drain Pros

If your home is in need of a new plumbing system or you need pipe installation, it’s best you call in the experts to help you because pipe installation can be very hard to do all on your own. 

When you call us at 833-847-8672, we will ensure that we respond in 60 minutes or less. We work in Los Angeles and many of the surrounding areas including Chatsworth, Encino, and Santa Monica. 

Repiping is mainly what we do when we are doing pipe installation but we also do a number of different other plumbing works including sewer repair and gas line repair. 

Give us a call today no matter what your issue is and we can be there to help. 

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