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5 Signs A Sewer Line Repair Is Needed As Soon As Possible

sewer line repair

Your home’s sewer system is one of those things where proper functionality is a must. If something is wrong, the issue will need to be addressed immediately. Because it can lead to disastrous results if they go unattended.

A sewer line that is damaged will need to be repaired. As such, we will go over this list of five signs where it should be done as soon as possible. Please take this guide to heart as sewer issues can be serious for any homeowner. Let’s cut to the chase and go over the list right now.

1.  Sewer odors that are persistent

Of course, we begin with one of the most distinctive signs that can arise from sewer issues. If you notice foul odors that are persistent, this is where a sewer line repair will make a lot of sense. These odors are strong, unpleasant, and can really drive you out of the house (not to mention your neighbors out of theirs).

You do not want to ignore these odors. Doing so can lead to serious issues and can be dangerous to the health and safety of your household and surrounding neighbors. If you reside in Encino or anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area and deal with this, calling Tip Top as soon as possible for sewer line repair will be your next step.

There is no other way around it. You can’t just find the problem yourself and fix it on your own. This is a task that should be left up to the professionals so you don’t inflict further damage.

2.  Slow drains

Next, you may be dealing with one of the most common signs of plumbing issues. You may try to solve the issue with over-the-counter plumbing products like Drano or something similar. However, if the issue is more significant, that’s where you may have sewer line issues that will need to be fixed as soon as possible.

These “slow drains” should be all over the house and not just one in particular. So if you notice slow drainage in one fixture, check the others. If the same applies to all other fixtures, this will confirm a sewer issue.

If it’s one fixture in particular and everything else is fine, it’ll be something else. For example, you may need a drain cleaning if it’s one fixture in particular. While you may breathe a sigh of relief that it’s not a sewer line issue, you still need to fix the plumbing issue anyway.

Tip Top will respond to your home within 60 minutes. It’s all thanks to being located in three different areas of the Los Angeles area. If you live in and around Santa Monica, we’ll be there to fix any plumbing issues that you may have.

3.  Gurgling sounds from the drains

This is something you’ll hear when you drain water or flush your toilet. It’s perhaps one of the not so pleasant sounds you’ll ever hear. When this happens, it’s a sign of air pockets being present or sewer line blockage – both of which are not good.

As such, it’s struggling to function properly. This is your chance to call a sewer line inspection service near Chatsworth to make sure they get a closer look of what could be the problem. From there, they’ll make the necessary repairs or replacements depending on the damage being done.

If needed, you may need a sewer repair to take care of the issue accordingly. It’s always a good idea to trust the experts so they can be able handle your plumbing issues with the tools, equipment, and the know-how they have. The last thing you want to deal with is ongoing plumbing and sewer issues that will be costly and frustrating.

Gurgling sounds should never happen. In fact, it’s not a standard part of a working plumbing system. So if you notice them, make a call as soon as possible.

4.  Your water bill will increase unexpectedly

This is one thing that will make your wallet say “ouch”. Your water bill will increase because of the loss of water due to your sewer line issues. This is one of those subtle signs where an issue may already be happening and you’re now finding out about it.

Talk about a painful and unexpected way to get the news. Especially when you are shelling out money for the unnecessary water use. You thought you’ve used the usual amount for all of your regular chores and activities.

But the issue is you unknowingly used more of it because of a sewer line issue. Needless to say, this is not your fault. However, you can schedule a plumbing inspection that includes your sewer line so you can prevent problems like this in the future.

5.  Cracks in the foundation

Finally, we take a look at one of the most serious signs out there. Cracks in the foundation can be a huge problem for your home. Further damage can lead to huge costs in repairs – particularly in the range of $10000 or more.

In severe cases, this can happen. How it happens is that continuous water flow from a leaking sewer line can cause soil erosion around your home’s foundation. This will lead to cracks and instability, which both are a huge problem that can be prevented if you take the necessary measures such as plumbing inspections.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these five signs are enough to make the right call. That is to contact your sewer line repair service as soon as possible to fix the issues you may be experiencing. At Tip Top, we serve the Los Angeles area and the San Fernando Valley.

We take every bit of plumbing and sewer situations seriously. And we’ll respond to your home promptly to take care of the problem. Do not take any chances because time is not on your side.

If you need sewer line repair as soon as possible, call us now. Our phone number is 833-847-8672. After giving us the necessary information, we’ll send a crew over to fix the issue.

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