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Is PEX The Best Choice For Repiping

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Is PEX The Best Choice For Repiping?

You might have heard of PEX piping but are not sure what it is or what it’s used for. PEX stands for PolyEthylene piping. It’s very durable and flexible and is one of the best choices for those who need new pipes in their home. 

It has many different uses including being used in the plumbing systems of homes, commercial buildings, and industrial spaces. 

What Exactly Is PEX Piping?

PEX is a type of cross-linked polyethylene tubing. It can be used in many different plumbing systems including to carry hot and cold potable water. It’s also commonly used in hydronic heating systems. 

Every company’s PEX piping varies though which is why you want to check the quality of the piping before you choose a company. 

You also want to make sure all the pipes are lead-free. Pipes that have lead can leak the chemical into the water which is not good for drinking and showering

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Benefits of PEX

PEX plumbing has many different benefits compared to other types of piping. This is why it’s one of the number one choices for plumbing systems and many people choose it without hesitation. 

Here are some of the main benefits of PEX:
  • The costs of material and installation are usually much lower compared to what you would pay for other plumbing systems 
  • PEX tubes can expand more which is better for areas where it gets very cold and the water tends to freeze inside the pipes 
  • PEX does not corrode like other kinds of pipes including the ones that are steel or copper 
  • There is no risk of fire during installation because PEX does not require the use of torches to make the fittings for the pipe 
  • PEX can be routed from the central part of the home to other parts of the home. When you have fewer connections, it means there is less of a chance for failure and no sharp bends which means the pipes will work better. 

PEX Piping Versus Copper Piping 

PEX pipes and copper pipes are both good options in general when it comes to putting in new pipes in the home. However, there tend to be more advantages when it comes to PEX piping compared to copper pipes. 
pex repiping

One of the main advantages is that PEX piping is much cheaper. However, since PEX pipes are from a type of plastic, some people choose to use copper pipes just because they do not like the idea of having plastic pipes in their homes. 

Even though PEX pipes are plastic though, they are still perfectly safe for drinking water and for all other pipes in the home. There have many different reviews done by governments and environmental organizations that show PEX piping is safe and you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaking into the drinking water. 

Keep in mind that PEX piping is not the same as polybutylene piping. Polybutylene piping is infamous for having a lot of failures and it can cause many issues in the home and with the water system. 

One of the main advantages when it comes to copper piping is that copper piping generally lasts for much longer. However, more and more people are finding that copper pipes do not last as long as they should because of many different chemicals in the water. These chemicals contribute to the water being contaminated and the copper pipes start to corrode. 

The chemicals in drinking water are not an issue when it comes to PEX piping. You can easily have PEX piping in your home for decades without needing to worry about it corroding and becoming dirty. 

PEX can also be used in the areas of the home that are exposed to UV light which makes them much more versatile, but copper is better if your home tends to have issues with rodents as copper pipes can get rid of rodents much more efficiently. 

The Cost of Repiping with PEX 

When it comes to repiping the home, PEX is the most affordable option. It’s much less expensive than copper piping so you’ll find that you’re paying a fraction of the cost for new pipes in your home. 

The labor costs for installing PEX are also much lower and it takes a shorter amount of time to install them so you’re paying far less than what you would pay if someone was installing copper. 

PEX is very flexible and can easily go through walls and attics. This means the plumbers and other laborers don’t have to open the walls or make extra connections like they do if you are getting copper pipes put into the home. 

The costs vary though which is why it’s important to get an estimate and have the plumbers do an inspection so they can determine how much pipe is needed and how many outlets are going to be required. 

After doing an inspection, we can give you a quote of how much it will cost and explain to you why it will cost that amount. 

Putting In New PEX Pipes

Getting new pipes for your home can be exciting because it means you’ll deal with fewer plumbing issues and have all-new pipes which can make your home better and have a more efficient plumbing system. 

Since PEX pipes can last 200 years or even longer, you will not have to redo the plumbing in your home when you install new PEX pipes. If you’re ready to make the move towards PEX pipes in your home, contact us at Tip Top Drain Pros Today. 

We can be reached at 833-847-8672. We offer award-winning services including repiping. We can send a plumber to your home the same day you call us as we have reliable plumbers all over the Log Angeles area including the suburbs of Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, and West Hollywood. 

We are always ready to help you with all your plumbing and repiping needs and we also deal in sewer repair and drain cleaning. 

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