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5 Signs Sewer Line Cleaning Should Be Scheduled

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Your sewer system should always be in good functional condition. Especially when it comes to making sure it does its job properly in carrying waste or water containing it away from your home. Here’s the thing: your sewer line needs regular maintenance like everything else in your household.

A sewer line should be cleaned on a regular basis and we’ll discuss the top five signs when one should be scheduled. It’s important that you take such a need seriously or face potential consequences that could harm your property. Let’s cut to the chase and get started.

1.  Fixtures that are draining slowly

First, you may want to see which of your plumbing fixtures are draining slowly. If it’s all of them, that’s when you know a sewer line cleaning is needed sooner rather than later. One of the major issues that could be causing this is the presence of blockage in the main sewer line.

Hiring a professional that cleans sewer lines in Chatsworth and the surrounding area will be your next best move. After all, they have the tools and equipment handy to perform the task with precision and excellence. Cleaning a sewer line is something that you probably shouldn’t do by yourself unless you have the skill and know-how.

Doing so anyway can lead to further damage to your sewer line. That can cause an even bigger mess. It’ll even be a costly one at that.

2.  Gurgling noises are heard

Next, you’ll be hearing gurgling noises coming from your drain or different plumbing fixtures. This typically will be heard when the water is draining. When this happens, that’s when you know that your sewer line has a problem.

It is important that you make the call to Tip Top so they can check on the issue as soon as possible. Since they have three different locations throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, they’ll arrive on scene within 60 minutes. If you’re at home in West Hollywood and hear a gurgling noise that is just downright scary (and rightfully so), give us a call.

The last thing you ever want to do is ignore this sign. Things can and will get worse if you allow them to continue. As a plumbing service that has seen our share of severe plumbing issues, we wouldn’t wish this on you or our worst enemies.

3.  Foul odors emitting from drains and yard

Unless you intend to drive out your neighbors, this is one sign you do not want to ignore. Your nose will even hate you for doing so as well. Sewage odors coming from your drain or yard is one of the most foul you’ll ever encounter in your life.

This can be due to blockages and obstructions in the line. If it gets persistent, you may need a sewer line repair. It could even be a situation where sewer line replacement may be possible if the damage is more severe.

Imagine waking up in the morning in your Santa Monica home. And a smell hits your nose in the most awful way. You don’t even want to eat breakfast at the moment.

It may be best to hold off anyways and call a sewer line professional to see what the problem is. You have no other choice at this point than make that call as soon as possible. Don’t take chances especially in a situation like this.

4.  Multiple drains are clogged

If you are noticing that multiple drains throughout your house are clogged, this is a bad sign. You know for a fact that your sewer line will need to be cleaned, fixed, or replaced. It may also be noted that drain cleaning or rootering may be needed as well.

It’s always a good idea to make sure these drains are cleaned regularly. It’s one thing to prevent clogging one drain. However, multiple clogs going on at the same time can be a surefire sign of sewage backup causing draining problems and restricting the flow of water coming through.

That’s why it is important to make sure you check your sewer line regularly. The sooner you catch certain issues like wear, tear, or damage, the better chance you have of taking care of the issue. Early detection and tending to these problems will always mitigate such disasters.

5.  High water bills

Finally, this sign is perhaps one of the most subtle of them all. If you get the usual water bill in the mail and it’s higher than expected, this can be a sign of plumbing issues. It could be one of many situations like a water leak, sewage issues, or something within that realm of possibility.

One thing is for sure, the issues need to be taken care of as soon as possible. You realize you haven’t been using as much water as normal. Unless you’ve been informed ahead of time by the water company about possible rate raises, it’s unnecessary to pay more for your water bill knowing you didn’t use much of it.

A plumbing service like Tip Top knows that high water bills are the last thing you ever want to deal with. Early detection of your plumbing and sewer systems obviously will prevent this issue. But sometimes, it can be too little too late with your water bill telling you that in numbers.

Yes, time may not be plentiful for your busy schedule. But the good news is that you’ll have a professional that will check your plumbing and sewer for you to see if any problems may exist.

Final Thoughts

Your sewer line is just as important as the rest of your plumbing system. Therefore, it is important to ensure that it gets properly taken care of on a regular basis including the regular maintenance checks. At Tip Top, we believe that preventative measures can take care of many sewer and plumbing problems.

But if you need a sewer line cleaning, we can get it done for you. For more information, call us today at 833-847-8672 and we’ll be happy to help.

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