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Three convenient locations in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. 60 minute response time guaranteed!
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Fixing Pipe Leaks in the San Fernando Valley & Beyond

What To Do If Water is Leaking In Your Home

While you might think it will be very obvious if you leak into your home, people are surprised to learn that sometimes leaks can be very subtle. However, there is always a sign or two that you can usually notice, especially if you are looking.

If you think you might have a water leak, it’s important to contact specialists right away rather than delay. Water leaks can escalate quickly and cause more damage. When there is more damage, you will have to spend more on repairs and the repairs will take longer.

Why Should I Get Water Leak Detection Services?

Many leaks are hidden. This means you have no idea water is leaking somewhere in your home and then all of a sudden you have a plumbing disaster. This requires emergency services and renovations and repairs right away.

When you get water leak detection services, you are able to avoid plumbing emergencies and expensive repairs. You can also avoid severe damage to the property which is crucial in keeping your home and property in good shape.

When you have someone come and check for water leaks, they can also do sewer repair work if needed as well as repiping depending on the situation.

When you call Tip Top Drain Pros, you can expect the following water leak detection services to keep your home safe:

1. Locating water, irrigation, septic lines, and stormwater
2. Locating leaks leading to fire mains
3. Looking under concrete slabs, retaining walls, and driveways to search for leaks underneath the services
4. Locating the source of any leaks or moisture you might have that you don’t know where it’s coming from
5. Finding any and all hidden water leaks and saving your beloved home

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When to Get Water Leak Detection Services

Ideally, you should get water leak detection services even if you do not see any leaks or problems with your home’s plumbing. Anytime you move into a new home, you should also get a water leak inspection so you know if the home has issues before you move in.

However, there are signs you need to get water leak detection services right away. This is more dire as you see signs of a leak. Even if you think you know where the leak is coming from, never try and fix it yourself.

Instead, call in the experts and let them locate the leak as well as do all repair work.

Your Water Bill is Very High

Once you have lived in a home for a few months, you should know what your water bill typically is. If you see anything outside of this range, it might be a sign that there is a leak in the home.

Keep in mind there will be some fluctuation from month to month, but a huge increase is a never-good sign and almost always signals that there is a leak that needs to be addressed.

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to high water bills is leaking toilets. Make sure to have the specialists come and check the toilets first and then they will also look at other places if the toilet is not the answer.

You See Moldy Areas

If there is a pipe leaking water somewhere in the home, you will see damp areas and then mold growing near them. If there are many moldy patches in your house with no explanation, there is almost always a leak.

Not only is mold unattractive when it’s in your home, but it can also be a hazard to your health. When you see mold, make sure to call in a specialist as soon as possible so that the mold can be removed and the water leak can be detected so no more mold grows.

Why Pick Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts?

We understand you have options when it comes to gas line repair services. We respect our competition but can proudly boast that we stand above them. Here are some reasons why Tip Top Drain Pros is at the tip top of the gas line repair service game:

Water Stains In Your Ceiling

Usually, mold growth and water stains in the ceiling go hand and hand. So, if you see water stains, chances are there is mold growing somewhere. When there is water in the ceiling, it’s usually caused by a leaking water pipe and a roof leak somewhere.

Warped Flooring

If the water leak is in the floor rather than the ceiling, you might notice the flooring in your house warping and buckling. Floor warping is easier to see on laminate and wooden floors.

Any warping needs to be looked at by a water detection specialist even if the area is small. You might also notice the floor around the warping area feels damp.

Your Water Pressure Is Very Low

This only happens with big leaks so if you notice the water pressure in your home being very low, there is probably a big leak in your home somewhere. When the pressure is low, there is water coming out of the system somewhere usually in the form of a leak.

If you have low pressure along with other signs of water leaks, the problem in your home could be large so you want to get something done about it as soon as possible.


Problems with the Sewage Lines

If you notice your water bill is very high as mentioned above, it could also signal an issue with the sewage lines in the home.

If you have an issue with sewage, you might also notice mold, slow drains in the home, cracks in the home’s foundation, and an odor of sewage around the home.

At Tip Top Drain Pros, we use a process called hydro jetting which breaks up all the clogs in your home’s sewage. It can break up any kind of clog whether it be from nonflushable wipes or residue from grease.

Contact Tip Top Drain Pros and Plumbing Experts for all your water detection services and other plumbing issues you might have in the Los Angeles Area. We also serve the areas of Sherman Oaks, Chatsworth, and West Hollywood.

Our award-winning services can help ensure you figure out where the leak in your home is coming from and fix it as soon as possible.

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