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5 Reasons When Drain Pipe Replacement Makes Sense

Drain Pipe Replacement

Drain pipes can prove themselves useful in your home. Having a plumbing system that is efficient and reliable will be beneficial for many reasons including drainage. The important thing to know is that they need to be taken care of properly.

There may be times when leaks, blockages, or even potential damage may arise. When this happens to your drain pipe, replacement may be the best option going forward. In this guide, we’ll discuss the top five reasons why relying on such a service will make sense. Let’s waste no more time and get right into the list below.

1.  When you’re dealing with persistent clogs

The first reason why drain pipe replacement makes sense is when the clogs are more persistent than ever. If you experience any frequent blockages even after numerous attempts of clearing them, the problem will be your pipes.

Common culprits that cause blockages include but are not limited to debris, grease, and other materials that can build up in your pipes and drains. Even food particles that you dump down the sink can be a contributing factor.

Bear in mind that you’re doing yourself a disservice by disposing of food particles in a place where it doesn’t belong. Of course, some people end up finding this out the hard way. If you live in the Sherman Oaks area or elsewhere in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley, Tip Top will handle the drain pipe replacement should the need arise.

Why risk dealing with the same old annoying persistent clogs when fixing a drain pipe will be your best option? The sooner you get it replaced, the better.

2.  If corrosion and rust are present

Drain pipes will often be exposed to a lot of things. Some of which can lead to corrosion and rust. If the pipes are older, they are more susceptible to damage that can lead to leaks.

With water leaks, it can trigger a domino effect that can endanger your entire home. What may start out small like signs of corrosion and rust can lead to bigger problems if left unattended. That’s why calling a drain pipe replacement professional near Chatsworth will make sense.

Corrosion signs are something you want to spot. They include but are not limited to discoloration or rust spots. It goes without saying that it can lead to the loss of strength in your pipes.

Therefore, calling a pipe replacement service can solve this problem promptly. Tip Top has three convenient locations so we can respond to your location within 60 minutes. From there, we get to work to fix the problem to ensure you have newer, stronger pipes that will keep your plumbing system going.

3.  Foul odors emitting from drains

We weren’t kidding when we say that foul odors can happen from disposing of food particles in the drain. Sure, they can cause clogs but it’s the bad smells coming from the drain that will really drive you crazy. You certainly don’t want anyone in West Hollywood to run away from your home the moment that smell hits their nose.

If the pipes are still in good condition, a replacement will likely not be necessary. The problem with foul odors could be solved with a professional drain cleaning service. Nonetheless, you still need to take the necessary preventative measures.

This includes not disposing of your food particles in the drain. We don’t care if it’s small particles – it needs to be in the trash and nothing but the trash. It’s always a good idea to make sure your drain is clean from these particles at all times to ensure that it works properly whenever you use it.

4.  Water damage and mold growth

There are situations that may be considered “too little, too late” when it comes to deciding on drain pipe replacement. This is one of them. Water damage from leaked pipes can hurt the structure of your home along with creating dangerous situations such as coming in contact with electrical elements.

Mold growth is also another catalyst for a dangerous situation. Especially for someone who may have a weak immune system and is susceptible to health issues. Allergies, respiratory issues, and others may arise from mold growth.

Even slab leaks can be a problem to where water damage and mold growth can begin. It’s important that you make sure you prevent this worst case scenario from happening. While drain pipe replacement will be more than necessary here, checking your pipes regularly will be even better.

Don’t forget that you’ll have a professional service that can do it for you if you’re pressed for time. Whatever service you need that pertains to your plumbing needs, we’ll be happy to help.

5.  An aging piping system

If you’re unsure of when the last time your piping system has been replaced, it may be a good idea to consider replacing the pipes. As the old saying goes, “when in doubt, don’t”. In this context, we say “don’t wait longer to replace the pipes”.

Having them inspected to confirm how old they are along with signs of possible damage will save you time, money, and stress. If your pipes are made from cast iron or galvanized steel, it may be a good idea to consider replacing them sooner rather than later.

Today, many of the modern piping systems consist of ABS or PVC materials – both of which are durable and long-lasting compared to their metal counterparts. Replacing them outright with concerns for age will be the best option compared to putting it off.

Final Thoughts

Drain pipe replacement will be necessary for these five reasons listed above. The sooner you get it done, the better. Tip Top offers this service and we’ll get the job done whenever you need it. We will get to your location in 60 minutes thanks to our three different locations throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

Don’t wait any longer for the worst case scenario. Call Tip Top today at 833-847-8672 for more information on how we can help with replacing your drain pipes.

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