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Drain Pipe Repair in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

Drain Pipe Repair in Los Angeles

Although drain pipes might seem like an unimportant part of your home’s plumbing system, they are extremely important and need to be inspected and repaired often to avoid issues with your pipes and plumbing in the future.

When a drain pipe breaks or a malfunction, it can cause major issues with your home, especially if the pipe bursts.

If you think you might have a problem with your drain pipe, you need to get it fixed right away. This guide will cover why drain pipes repairs are important and how much you can expect to spend on the repairs.

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Cost of Drain Pipe Repair

Drain Pipe Repair

The cost of drain pipe repairs can vary widely because the cost depends on the material of the drain pipe, where in your home the drain pipe is going, and how many people are needed for the job.

Most people can expect to pay in the range of $250 to $1,250. As you can see, the range is very big, so you will need to contact a professional and ask to receive a quote before the work begins. This way, you can know for sure how much you will expect to pay.

This estimate is for replacing one part of the drain pipe. If you need to replace the entire drain pipe system, it can cost anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000.

Repairing one part of the drain pipes is cheaper because it requires less labor and fewer materials. The cost you will pay for the drain pipe repair also depends on the plumber’s hourly rate and how many hours it takes them to complete the job.

Drain Pipes and Their Location

Drain pipes are found everywhere in the home. They are most often found in places like the kitchen and the basement.

Here are the places drain pipes are found around the home and how they can affect the cost of their repairs.


Bathroom drain pipe repairs are often the highest cost because they also almost always need sewage repair or replacements as well. Fixing a drain pipe under the bathroom sink is easier and less costly than fixing a drain pipe in the shower or the tub.

This is because the pipes in the shower and tubs are not as easily accessible, and the work will take longer, as well as take more materials.

Bathroom sink repairs are usually between $150 to $300, while shower and tub repairs can be anywhere between $3000 to $12000.


If the drain pipe repairs in the basement include going under the home’s concrete, the project will be costly and will take a long time. Going under the concrete also means you will need to have repairs to the foundation of the home.

The cost of repairing the home can make the cost of the repairs go up by several thousands of dollars. It can cost somewhere between $2000 to $8000.



Kitchen pipes repairs are pretty affordable since the pipes are directly under the sink and can be assessed easily. This means no cuts have to be made on the floor or walls, which means the project will be quick.

Kitchen drain pipe repairs are between $100 to $500 in most cases.

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Why Does My Drain Pipe Need to Be Repaired?

Your drain pipe might need to be repaired for a number of different reasons. If you think there is a problem with your drain pipes, make sure to call a professional plumber right away because the problem can escalate quickly and cause you to have a number of different issues in and around the home.

Here are the most common reasons you might need to get a drain pipe repaired right away.

Bad Odors

Horrible smells coming from the drains are a common sign there is a problem with the drains. Bad odor is one of the first signs there is an issue, but it might also come with slow-draining water or a backup of water.

If you notice a bad smell, address the issue right away, and don’t allow it to get worse.

Weird Sounds

If you hear weird sounds behind the walls or inside the pipes, there is most likely an issue with the draining system. You might also notice mold growing around the pipes or big wet spots on the walls. Make sure to try to see where the sounds are coming from and let a professional know there are weird sounds as well as mold.

Mold needs to be addressed right away because it can cause serious health issues for you and your family.

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is one of the most obvious signs that there is an issue with the draining pipes. Slow draining also means there is a clog or leak. If you have already tried DIY techniques or de-clogging solutions from the store, a professional will need to be called in to get rid of the clog.

They have special tools and chemicals they can use to get rid of tough clogs that you might not be able to solve on your own. We will also clean the drain to ensure it’s free of mold and debris.

Water Backup

Water backup is serious and means there is a huge issue with the drain pipe. Water backup, especially if it has waste in it, should not be dealt with on your own. You can get sick if you come into contact with the wastewater, so you want to make sure you leave the home and let a professional deal with this issue.

A drain pipe is important because you want to make sure that your home can drain all water out of the home as well as effectively drain the water rather than being slow with clogs and leaks.

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