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Descaling Drains in Los Angeles

As a homeowner, there are many things you need to do when it comes to plumbing and taking care of the pipes and drains in your home. You might have never heard of descaling pipes and drains, but it’s very important.

You need to ensure your pipes are being descaled because it will make the entire plumbing system of your home function better and more efficiently. When you leave rust and scaling on the drains, water cannot flow into the pipes well.

It can also keep sewage from draining which can cause many different problems as well as big messes in the home if the sewage were to become too backed up and overflow.

What is Drain Descaling?

When you call Tip Top Drain Pros to your home for Descaling drains in Los Angeles, they will take their Picote Descaling System that mechanically removes minerals and rust and from all the drains, and sewer pipes. As time passes, small roots grow inside the pipe, and it can cause water to back up. Some of the minerals can also cause issues with your pipes such as erosion.  For Cast iron pipes, the process will take longer and be more intensive. This is because the iron material of the pipes gets easily coated with iron oxide, salts, and calcium. Rust also develops more easily so there will be rough sections within the pipe that makes it really hard for the water to flow down the pipes.

Eventually, the pipe will become clogged, and you will need not only descaling done but possibly more extensive work because the pipe is not functioning at all.

Fortunately, descaling is the best way to get rid of minerals and rust inside pipes. It can allow your pipe to function like new because the inside will be completely cleared out.

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How Are Drains and Pipes Descaled?

There are several ways that pipes can be descaled. The first one is when the specialist or plumber takes an abrasive material and scrubs the pipes until they are clean.

Another method is when a plumber pours chemicals down the pipes. The chemicals work to break down the salts and rust.

Before choosing a method, a plumber will need to take a close look inside the pipes to determine which one will work best. They will also need to inspect to see if there are any blockages or build-ups.

The technique or method used will also depend on if the pipe is carrying clean water or wastewater. Your plumber should let you know which technique they want to use.

Here is a closer look at the methods and why your plumber might choose one over the other.

Chemical Descaling

This descaling option is easier, but can really only be used if the rust situation is minor and there are few minor blockages. If you hear a plumber tell you they are wanting to do a chemical flush of the drains, it means there are not any major issues.

A chemical wash on minor rusting pipes does a great job of removing all the calcium and magnesium salts as well.

Hydro jetting and Descaling drains in Los Angeles

Tip Top Drain Pros performs Hydro-jetting and     descaling drains in Los Angeles. It is used when there is a large blockage and debris has clogged the pipe. So, if a plumber plans on hydro jetting and descaling drains in Los Angeles for your pipes, you can be sure the problem with your pipes is large and needs quite a bit of work done.

The plumber will take High mechanically pressurized water and jet spray it into the pipes to remove any clogs. Most of the time the force of the water is a minimum of 2500 psi to 3500 psi for root cutting.

Once the pressurized water has been pushed down the pipes, a special descaling attachment will be placed on the hydro jet. This nozzle has a small chain attached to it. As the water flows down into the pipe, the chain on the nozzle will grind and descale the minerals and rust off the inside of the pipes.

The descaling nozzle is perfect because it can wash and scrub at the same time. Even if you have a massive clog, hydro jetting can clear away all the hard compounds inside the pipes.

Why Pick Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts?

We understand you have options when it comes to gas line repair services. We respect our competition but can proudly boast that we stand above them. Here are some reasons why Tip Top Drain Pros is at the tip top of the gas line repair service game:

Should I Get My Drains Descaled?

The simple answer is yes, but let’s look into the details of why it’s so important. Descaling is noninvasive which also means the process is quick and efficient. A plumber will not have to remove any pipes or replace any parts.

When you remove clogs from your pipes, you are also saving yourself from more work in the future. When you leave the pipes clogged, you risk there being overflows, sewage problems, issues with the foundation of the home, and pipes breaking and leaking.

When you get descaling done, you are also prolonging the lifespan of your drains and pipes. You will see that the water flow and drainage are much more efficient as well.

Another major advantage is that you can use the plumbing system in your home as normal while the plumber is descaling. If you leave rust inside the pipes and end up needing a full replacement of your pipes and system, you will not be able to use the facilities in your home for weeks or maybe even months.

Ready to Have Your Drains Descaled?

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Give us a call today if you want the most reliable plumbers in the area to come and check your drains and pipes. We can do a full inspection and then determine a course of action to ensure your pipes are rust and mineral free.

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