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How To Get Rid of Rotten Egg Smell from Your Drain

get rid of rotten egg smell from sink

Imagine coming home after a day at work. You’re ready to prepare a delicious meal, but you’re bombarded by the terrible odor of rotten eggs coming from the kitchen drain. Or imagine that you want to hop in the tub. It’s been a long day of tackling your summer to-do list. Then find that your bathtub drain has a foul odor.

No homeowner wants to deal with drain odors, but unless you have a regular drain cleaning schedule, then it’s possible you may have to deal with this problem in the near future. If you do encounter a smelly drain, here’s what you need to know.

Why Does My Drain Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Your drain might smell like rotten eggs because:

  • Sewer gases aren’t being adequately vented from your house due to drainage issues
  • Organic matter is decaying in your drains, causing an overgrowth of smelly bacteria and mold

That Sulfur Smell Coming from Your Drain is Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

Hydrogen sulfide is a stinky gas that gives off the odor of rotten eggs. If you’ve ever smelled this coming from your drains, now you’ll know what the problem is.

Hydrogen sulfide is a naturally occurring substance that can be released when organic matter breaks down. If this happens in your pipes, it can make your plumbing system smell terrible. Although the scent is highly unpleasant, you can get rid of it by cleaning your drains and continuing to clean them regularly. You can use live enzymes to remove the bacteria, or you can leave drain maintenance to a plumber who has specialized drain cleaning tools.

Rotten Drain Smells From Decomposing Particles

That rotting smell coming from your drains most likely has a very common cause, and this could include food, grease, and hair that are trapped in the pipe, mold or mildew growing in the damp and dark of your plumbing, or even hydrogen sulfide caused by bacteria and decomposing organic matter. No matter what the cause, however, regular drain cleaning will eliminate the nasty odor and prevent it from returning, since it will remove the root of the smell as well.

Sink and drain contaminants that can cause bad odors could include anything that gets sent down the pipes or trapped in them, such as:

  • Food
  • Oils & grease
  • Toothpaste
  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Mold
  • Mildew

Aside from mold and mildew, which grow in the drain and create a musty smell, other organic matter that goes down the drain and gets trapped will produce odors as it decomposes, and this is often what homeowners smell when they’re battling with plumbing smells coming from the sink.

How to Get Rid of That Rotten Egg Smell from Your Sink

Sometimes, a homeowner gets lucky and the reason for a smelly drain can be easily located and remedied. But when the reason isn’t obvious, call in the pros. An expert Los Angeles plumbing company like Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts will be able to diagnose your drain problems and provide a thorough drain cleaning.

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