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Can Water Heaters Explode?

exploding water heaters

A Scary But Possible Occurrence

As much as we’d like to put this frightening idea to rest, it is true that water heaters can explode under the right, or rather, wrong circumstances. These explosions are very rare, but when they do happen, they can be devastating.

In order to protect your family and home, the team at Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts is here to help you identify the signs of a potential water heater explosion and explain how to prevent this disaster.

How It Happens

An explosion can happen with an electric or gas water heater that is poorly maintained.

Your water heater is usually able to regulate the internal temperature and pressure of the tank, but sometimes the mechanisms stop working correctly. It is this high pressure along with the high temperatures which leads to an explosion. Signs Your Water Heater Could Explode

Malfunctioning Valves

The component which regulates temperature and pressure within the tank is called the T&P valve. If this valve is leaking or always remains open, it could soon fail and cause an explosion. Call a professional for repairs straight away.

Sediment Build-Up

Popping noises coming from your water heater is a sign that there is a large amount of sediment build-up within the tank which can affect the heating elements. Another sign of excess sediment is brown or rusty looking water.

Keep your unit free of excess sediment by scheduling regular water heater flushings with your plumber.


Lastly, a rotten egg smell could mean your unit has a gas leak. If the pilot light on your water heater tries to light during a gas leak, it could cause an explosion.

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and should be handled by a professional immediately.

Water Heater Repairs in Los Angeles

Keep your family and home safe by scheduling regular inspections and maintenance for your water heater. Give the } team a call at (833) 207-0817 to book your appointment today.

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