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Common Causes of Gas Line Breaks

A broken gas line may have any one of a number of causes. When you call for gas line services, it could be because large tree roots have crowded and moved the pipe. A construction crew may have damaged a gas line. They could be just older and worn out. The key is to call for a diagnostic and gas line repair. Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts will give you a quick and safe resolution.

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For professional gas line installation service in Los Angeles, Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts is the only way to go. You want to keep your family and your property safe. If you need gas pipe replacement or repair, trying to make a DIY project out of it will only lead to disaster. The experts at Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts have the experience and the tools to get the job done safely.

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We are a professional gas line and system installer as well as a leak detection company. When you work with us, you can believe that your gas line concerns will soon be behind you. Contact us today at (833) 847-8672 to get started.

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Signs of a Gas Leak in Your Home

Natural gas is odorless, but gas companies add a chemical called mercaptan to make it smell like rotten eggs. This odor helps people detect gas leaks, but there are other signs to look for as well.

Here are some other signs that you may have a gas leak in your home:

If you suspect you have a gas leak, it’s important to take action immediately. Leave the house and call a professional to inspect the problem. Don’t turn on any lights, open windows or doors, or use any electrical appliances until the problem is resolved. Gas leaks are serious, but with the right precautions, you can keep your home safe.

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