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Willie was well spoken, conducted himself in a professional manner and noticed the broken sewer pipe almost immediately. He explained the process of fixing the broken sewer pipe with ease since I am not familiar with plumbing Jargon. I will highly recommend Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts because of this first impression.
01:56 04 Aug 19
Willie showed up for me at 2 AM on a HOLIDAY with a friendly attitude and a smiling disposition. In my experience, Tip Top has affordable prices, impeccable services, and an absolute angel in Willie.
Jaime Blanson
Jaime Blanson
11:03 04 Jul 19
Tip Top's Willie Melton was knowledgable, informative and efficient.
Robert Schwarzkopf
Robert Schwarzkopf
00:46 29 Jun 19
These guys say they're the best plumber LA has to offer, and I think it's legit! From the time they answered the phone, to the time the technician came to my home, the entire experience was professional. I was nervous that they would send a salesperson to me like other companies have to try to upsell me on this or that. Not these guys. They took the time to understand my plumbing issue, look for the root cause (not just the symptom), and recommend a solution with pricing upfront. From start to finish- great experience!
Ryan Redding
Ryan Redding
09:46 28 Jun 19
Willy came over immediately after I called. He was kind, got my problem fixed quickly and easily, and saved me a huge headache. Leak fixed and family happy. Definitely recommended.
Chris Hackney
Chris Hackney
02:40 08 Jun 19
When it comes to gas lines, things need to be fixed right the first time. I have used Tip Top before and their work is solid. This time my wife and I called them in an emergency at 2am for a gas leak that was detected by the gas company. The first thing I love about this company is there is no car salesman style haggling like with other plumbing companies. When you're stressed out you just want a fair price and the repairs to get going. Luckily, Tip Top does just this. The owner Dave offered us a great price and the plumbing team was working on our gas lines by 9am! Life savers!!Cesar and his crew were professionals and kept me in the loop with every step of the repair process. There were no "surprise charges" like with other companies. They were fast, efficient, and knew their work. Luis was, hands down, perhaps the most knowledgeable and impressively skilled plumbing professional that I have met. He calmly explained the work process and most impressively he even pointed out a few things to prevent future plumbing problems. This is why I trust this company. Because it's not about selling me on more work. It's about getting it done right the first time.I will definitely keep using this company and I will recommend them to anyone!
Allen Arias
Allen Arias
17:58 05 Jun 19
This company is amazing! Willy and his team are very professional and know what they’re doing. I highly recommend them.
Annie Kirby
Annie Kirby
01:13 30 May 19
Willy came to my house today (May 17th 2019) was very professional, polite, respectful, and even wore shoe covers inside my home. He unclocked the drainage problem very quickly and accurately! If I ever have any more issues I’m defiantly calling here for more service. I strongly recommend !!! Thanks Willy !
alana madona
alana madona
23:21 17 May 19
The gas company informed me that I had at least one gas leak in an old house I inherited several years ago, and therefore the gas would not be turned back on until the leaks were repaired.  I live in the San Fernando Valley where the weather has been in the triple digits, lately, resulting in warm water even though the gas was off, which was lucky because it took me three weeks and several plumbers’ estimates before I found David, the owner of Tip Top Plumbing.  There are three structures on my property: a house, a guest house, and a garage with an office, housekeeper’s quarters, and a laundry room, and there are gas lines running both above and below ground to all three of these structures.  Given the age of the pipes, how many of them there are, and how many directions they run in, I knew this could be both a plumber’s nightmare and a plumber’s dream: a nightmare because old gas lines can be a challenge for several reasons, and a dream because this makes it easier to convince a homeowner that more needs to be done than is actually necessary.  Just as I feared, before I called David/Tip Top, every plumber who came out and gave me an estimate wanted to do a lot more, and charge a lot more, than I suspected was called for.  My suspicions were reinforced when I started to do some research into how gas leaks can or need to be fixed, depending on the type, location, and condition of the pipes.  My research paid off, and my suspicions confirmed, when I finally called Tip Top and David came out to look at the problem.  He not only told me what needed to be done, but he also told me what didn’t need to be done, and what could be repaired instead of replaced.  Different from what the other plumbers who gave me estimates told me, what David told me was in line with what I read on the Internet and watched on YouTube.  I’ve had to hire many plumbers over the years, and in my experience no other plumber was as informative, honest, and, bottom line, ethical as David, and his estimate was approximately half what the other plumbers quoted me.  The work, itself, was excellent.  I am not a plumber, but you don’t have to take my word for it—the man from the gas company who came out to check if there were still any leaks, and to make sure the work was up to code, told me that Tip Top had done an excellent job.  About the cleanup: When the Tip Top plumbers were finished, you could not tell that sections of brick walkways had been removed, plants uprooted, trenches dug through gardens and under fences, and mounds of dirt, old pipe, and other debris had been piled up everywhere.  Everything, living or not, was back in place and looked as if they had never been removed, and all areas were left neat and clean.  None of the plumbing companies I hired in the past were nearly this meticulous in cleaning up after they had completed the job.  An honorable mention needs to be given to Willy, the job supervisor.  The work took several days, and Willy showed up several times each day to inspect the work, etc.  When the work and cleanup were finished, he came back the next day to do an overall inspection.  My husband had noticed that a sprinkler head had been broken in one section of the garden and an exposed sprinkler pipe had also been broken in another section of the garden.  He pointed these out to Willy who then immediately went to the local hardware store and paid retail for parts to do the repairs.  Even though we told him that he didn’t need to repair these sprinklers because we had permanently shut them off when we had drip irrigation installed, he repaired them, anyway, and did an excellent job.  He told us that anything Tip Top plumbers break, Tip Top repairs or replaces, period; of course, at no charge.  As we all know, a plumber who is both excellent and ethical can be hard to find.  You will find such a plumber in David, along with his excellent team, when you call Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts.
Barbara Laven
Barbara Laven
02:42 31 Jul 18
Fantastic plumbing and plumbers!Water heater went on the fritz and we needed guys who knew complicated systems for a big property. Boy were we lucky to get Gus and Jose Gomez. Thank you for great work guys.
Bobby Whitell
Bobby Whitell
23:43 28 Jul 18
We use Tip Top Drain Pro's in tandem with our business which is Water Damage and Restoration , on a regular basis and ongoing. They have proven time and again to be knowledgable , professional and experts in what they do. the repair work is always excellent. I would and will always recommend companies that perform to the standards demonstrated by this company. Thanks Tip Top!
Kristi Garcia-Jones
Kristi Garcia-Jones
17:20 22 Jul 18

West L.A.'s Trusted Source for Detecting Gas Leaks

If you suspect you have a gas leak, leave the building immediately, and call 911. When it comes to household plumbing issues, nothing is quite as stressful as a gas leak. Every homeowner knows that leaking natural gas has the potential to cause a fire or explosion, and that fast action is required to keep everyone in the home safe. It’s crucial to call for gas line leak repair as soon as possible.

When you join scores of other Los Angeles, CA residents and trust Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts to handle any gas leak on your Los Angeles-area property, you can rest easy knowing a safe solution is on the way. A gas leak in any form is considered an emergency, so don’t waste any time calling in the pros as soon as you notice any signs of trouble.

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Common Signs of a West Los Angeles Gas Leak

Since a gas leak is such a serious event, gas companies typically include an additive that makes it smell like sulfur or rotten eggs. On its own, natural gas is odorless, so the additive is important to alert homeowners of what is going on. If you ever smell rotten eggs or hear a hissing sound near your gas line as gas escapes, call for help right away.

In addition to Los Angeles, we also offer gas leak detection to the following areas:

What Steps Should I Take?

Even before you call us for Los Angeles gas pipe leak detection, you should get everyone out of harm’s way. Take special care not to turn on lights, use phones or turn on appliances before you leave. Next, call your local gas company and have them shut off the supply, then give us a call for professional gas line leak detection so we can find the location of the leak and make the necessary repairs.

Let’s Work Together

When you see our slogan: “We do everything with water except walk on it, and we’re working on that too”, you can feel confident we will do it all. We also offer these added benefits:

  • Dependable Technicians – all of our technicians are drug tested and background checked for your comfort level.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service – whenever an emergency strikes, we will be there to take control.
  • Flat-Rate Pricing – we only believe in an honest, upfront pricing model.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – we make sure you are satisfied with every service we provide.

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The service was awesome these guys came out and handled what they had a handle very intuitive and very self-explanatory on what my issue was and they

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Review of Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts

Good work at a fair price and really quick. They don’t leave you hanging. I will use them again.

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